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Although cosmetic surgery is both safe and effective, many patients find that their needs feel too minor to justify an invasive procedure with long recovery times. In these cases, non-invasive laser treatments can often provide the results you’re looking for without surgery or time away from work. SculpSure®, a laser treatment for the removal of unwanted fat in problem areas, can sculpt and contour stubborn areas that seem resistant to diet and exercise, like the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and glutes. To learn more, contact Drs. Marc Soares and Julio Soares at the Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, California, today.

Sculpsure Q & A

How Does SculpSure Work?

SculpSure is an innovative laser treatment that requires no incision and no long recovery time. SculpSure is applied externally to stubborn fatty areas that don’t seem to be impacted by diet and exercise or that have plateaued. Deep heat energy is applied to the treatment area while cooling the outer skin, causing permanent damage to up to 24% of the fat cells beneath the skin. In the weeks and months following the treatment, your body goes to work flushing these damaged fat cells from your system and creating beautiful and pleasing results.

Is SculpSure an Effective Substitute for Bariatric Surgery?

No. SculpSure addresses excess fat in focused treatment areas in patients who are otherwise healthy. It does not address the size of the stomach like bariatric surgery. In general, SculpSure is most effective on patients who are not obese or significantly overweight.

How Much Downtime is Required After This Treatment?

SculpSure is non-invasive, which means you can avoid the risks and recovery associated with surgery when you choose this treatment. You may return to work immediately following the treatment and are unlikely to experience side effects beyond mild soreness in the treatment area.

Who is a Good Candidate for SculpSure?

Because no anesthesia and no incisions are required, most patients can be safely treated using SculpSure. The most important factor to consider is whether the treatment is able to produce the results you’re seeking. When Drs. Soares and Soares believe you may be disappointed with your results, they’ll point in the right direction to ensure you’re as satisfied as possible with the final results.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

While some patients begin noticing results as little as a week or two after treatments, it can take your body up to twelve weeks to remove the damaged fat cells from the treatment area. Because the change happens gradually over time, we recommend taking before and after photos to visualize your progress accurately.

How Many Treatments are Required?

Each treatment removes up to 24% of fat in the area targeted. For many patients, one treatment produces results with which they’re satisfied. Patients with a greater volume of unwanted may benefit from a second or third session.




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